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Blepharitis is a very common condition among patients.   Many patients will note "matter" on their eyelashes or debris in the corner of their eyes.  You may notice this particularly in the morning.  Patients always ask why they are getting this problem.   Some patients are more prone to producing excessive or abnormal oil which sits at the base of the eyelashes.   This oil can crust over and contribute to the matter.  This can cause red eyes, irritation and even tearing.
Patients who have rosacea or adult acne are more prone to develop blepharitis.  If the oil or matter block one of the oil glands,   this can result in a stye or chalazion.  This is a red or tender bump which will show up on the eyelid. Some patients have severe blepharitis which can cause loss of some of the eyelashes or extreme redness along the eyelash margin where the lashes exit the eyelid.
Treatments may vary.   A common remedy is for patients to utilize lid scrubs.  There are over the counter products which can be purchased to cleanse the base of the eyelashes.  A common approach is to use baby shampoo on a warm cloth and cleanse the base of the eyelashes (with the eyes closed).   Some patients may need a topical ointment applied to the eyelid margin at bedtime to decrease the redness and inflammation.   If the patient has rosacea,  oral antibiotics may be required.   If you have any of the above symptoms,  consult your eye physician to determine if blepharitis may be the cause.

Remember, protect those eyes.

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